Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Six years ago I got trapped in Satan's Web like a fly facing it's demise. I just laid there lifeless, hopeless, helpless, dead. Like a servant on the Flying Dutchman I became apart of Satan's world and it became a part of me. I had spurts of life here and there, never lasting more than several months and I always ended right back in that web. It felt like I was doomed. Like I had met my fate and there was nothing I could do about it. Useless, dead, and blind.
A short time ago someone came along and woke me up. He opened my eyes and said, "Run Sharde. You don't have to stay here." Slowly, I started to see the truth. I had the power to loosen the web that had been suffocating me for so long. I started running and piece by piece that web started detangling. Day by day the strings began to fall one after another. The harder I run the faster I can go.
I am still somewhat tangled, but I am regaing control over my life. My hope has been restored. My life is coming back and I am breathing much easier now. Before you know it, I will be completely free from Satan's web of sin, lies, pain, and doubt. Soon I will be able to fly again.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Men always want to call a woman bitter as soon as she shows any kind of attitude or disdain towards him. If we so much as frown at something a man does we're just bitter bitches. And it's always "Why are you so mean?" "Why are you so bitter?" "What's wrong with you?" So I decided to write a list of things in my life that have turned me into the miserable bitter bitch that I am today.

1) My dad left my mom for a younger woman, who used to be our babysitter.
2) I have been cheated on since I was 15 years old, by almost every guy I was with.
3) I've never been in a 100% honest relationship.
4) I have been choked, punched in the eye, slapped, and beat with a belt by men that I loved and gave my all to.
5) Many of my very close friends/family were raped.
6) I have been called a bitch by a complete stranger because I politely declined to give him my phone number.
7) My daughter doesn't know her father...the same man that begged me to have his baby in the first place.
8) All of my friends with kids are single mothers with abusive exs.
9) Even the men who acted like perfect gentlemen have found a way to break my heart.
10) Every man that I ever loved has left me.

Now the next time you fix your mouth to call a woman bitter or mean or miserable or a plain old bitch.....keep in mind that maybe life is what's a bitch and we are just products of it.